Construction Company

Transforming Lifestyles

A building can be a place to live in peace, a place to work, or a place where people congregate and enjoy themselves.
Transforming lifestyles is our company concept under which we offer the construction of buildings based on objective and preference, and taking into total consideration design, quality, environment and cost.

We use the construction management method to create the best constructive designs. Under this method, a construction manager is selected to represent the owner of the building project, and plays an impartial role in coordinating the project overall so that it is executed smoothly and in line with its objectives. This enables an impartial view of the total project and prevents delays in construction schedule and also prevents budget overruns.

By combining the individual groups freely with construction management, planning, design and architecture, construction and trading based on the customer's needs, we excel in our ability to motivate the project with the customer's perspective.

Difference between prime contracting and construction management

prime contracting
  • Construction cost
  • Electrical cost
  • Installation cost
  • Management and sundry costs
  1. 1.No clear breakdown of costs for each type of work (not very satisfactory from the customer's perspective)
  2. 2.Benefits the contractors
Construction Management Method
  • Return to the customer
  • Construction management fee
  • Construction cost
  • Electrical cost
  • Installation cost
  • Management and sundry costs
Greater results with higher work costs
  1. 1.Transparent breakdown of individual work costs enable more focused assessments and more appropriate decisions (greater customer satisfaction)
  2. 2.Achieve cost reductions
  3. 3.Achieve fair contractual relations with contractors, etc.


Head Office
1-2-23 Kubo, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 722-0045, JAPAN
TEL. 0848-38-7145 FAX. 0848-38-7146

Tokyo Office
14F, 3-12 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102‐0094, JAPAN
TEL. 03-6265-6370 FAX. 03-6265-6385

Bangkok Office
15th Floor, Glas Haus Bldg. 1 Sukhumvit 25,Sukhumvit Rd.,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110
TEL. +662-665-2920 FAX. +662-665-2921

Seoul Office

Organization Chart & Business Description

Construction Company

Construction Management Group

  • Assistance with basic concept creation
  • Assistance with selection of architects
  • Management of design content
  • Assistance with contracting construction work
  • Quality management
  • Assistance with business commencement

Planning Group

  • Real estate development
  • Leasing

Design and Architecture Group

  • Creation of project planning presentation materials
  • Drafting of basic plans
  • Drafting of perspective drawings
  • Drafting of final master plan
  • Work supervision

Construction Group

  • Commercial facilities
  • Residential facilities
  • Factory facilities
  • Specialized for specific business purposes (excluding medical and care facilities)

Trading Group

  • Procurement of construction materials
  • Import/export
Liberal combination of individual groups to meet customer requirements.


Proactive in engaging noted architects for collaboration and creating structures that epitomize the ideas of the customer and instill pride in everyone involved. Have been involved in a large number of construction projects, including the Ribbon Chapel at Bella Vista SPA & MARINA ONOMICHI, the Starlit Sky Garden Deck where one can fully appreciate the sea and sky coming together as one, and the HOTEL CYCLE ONOMICH U2.


Kohtei Art Pavilion


Phase I of repairs to the wall surrounding the General Studies Complex at Shiba Gakuen campus

Bella Vista SPA&MARINA Island Beach



Bella Vista Resort Hotel THE DECK


Onomichi U2

Shimazui Manor (European style building)

Izumo House(mansion of the Edo period)

Seto no Mori residential area

Seto Terrace


Trading Group

  • Continuing to provide the most appropriate, leading-edge solution service with a global perspective.

Based on a combination of well-thought out specialized technology, customer trust, business foundations mainly built on a global network oriented towards the overseas market, and specialized functions, we utilize our comprehensive capacity in architecture, develop unique importing avenues and source and supply high quality materials, fixtures, furnishings and decorative material. We also create diverse business ventures and provide services with the flexibility to adapt to needs that change with contemporary circumstances based on the ever-changing ASEAN market.

  • Weoffer the exact construction material required for our customers' requirements.

Using our experience and expertise gained from a wide range of activities around the world, we handle top quality construction materials and engage in the importing and marketing industries. By importing guaranteed quality materials direct from the manufacturer, we are able to offer construction material at lower prices.


Insulation, flooring, ceiling products, furniture, etc.

Logistics Routes

Conventional Route

Overseas Product
  • Overseas manufacturer
  • Overseas trading
  • Domestic trading
  • Customer
Domestic Product
  • Domestic manufacturer
  • Domestic trading
  • Customer

Direct Import Route

  • Overseas manufacturer
  • Customer

Using our unique routes, we are able to drastically cut costs incurred by using the middle man, and pass those savings on to the customer.

Import material from overseas route to delivery

  • Request
  • Selection of type of material product
  • Provide estimate
  • Contract
  • Import
  • Delivery
  • Construction

Licenses and Permits

First-class Architect's Office: Registration No. 13 (1) 4953 issued by the Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture
Special Construction License issued by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism: (Toku-27) No. 25895.
Real Estate Trader License No. (1) 9021 Issued by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism